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How to Achieve Consistent Sales on Amazon in 2024

Hey everyone, this is Tim from AMZ Fusion, back again to dive into how you can achieve consistent sales on Amazon. Today, we’re focusing on a critical factor that could make or break your success in 2024.

Staying In Stock: Your Key to Consistency

The most crucial strategy for maintaining steady sales on Amazon is ensuring you are consistently in stock. Let’s break down why this is vital:

  1. Sales Velocity and Stock Levels: Sales velocity calculates how fast your products are selling. If you’re frequently out of stock, your sales velocity drops, which in turn affects your product ranking and visibility. Higher visibility leads to higher sales; thus, staying in stock is essential.
  2. Utilizing AMZ Fusion Software: We use our proprietary AMZ Fusion software for inventory management, which helps us understand our stock levels, sales velocity, and restock needs accurately. Although I’ll blur some details for privacy in the screenshots provided, the insights gained are invaluable for maintaining adequate stock levels.
  3. Understanding Out-of-Stock Impact: If you sell 30 units in 30 days but were out of stock for half that time, theoretically, you could have sold 60 units. Monitoring out-of-stock velocity is crucial because it helps predict potential sales lost due to insufficient stock.

Financial Implications of Being In Stock

  1. Profit Calculations: Let’s consider a product with a $2 profit margin per unit. If you’re fully stocked, instead of making $60 from 30 units, you could make $300 from 150 units by just staying in stock.
  2. Inventory Decisions: Our software provides detailed analytics, such as adjusted velocity, which considers various factors to give a more accurate prediction of sales potential. This helps in making informed decisions about how much stock to keep.

Strategy for 2024: Avoid Low Inventory Fees

Amazon plans to introduce low inventory fees in 2024. These fees are designed to penalize sellers who do not maintain adequate stock levels, encouraging sellers to keep their products available to meet customer demand consistently.

Practical Steps to Stay In Stock

  1. Inventory Management Software: Utilizing sophisticated software like AMZ Fusion is crucial. It not only helps track stock levels but also integrates financial data to make sure you’re stocking products that are profitable.
  2. Plan for Lead Times: Factor in the time it takes for your products to reach Amazon’s warehouses and become available for sale. This includes shipping times, processing, and any potential delays.
  3. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review your inventory performance. If a product is consistently out of stock, consider increasing your order quantities. Conversely, if a product is overstocked, adjust your orders accordingly to avoid excessive fees.

Success Wrap Up in 2024

Achieving consistent sales on Amazon in 2024 will heavily depend on your ability to manage inventory effectively. By staying in stock, you maximize your sales potential, improve product rankings, and avoid new fees. Leveraging a robust inventory management system like AMZ Fusion can provide the insights needed to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to greater profitability and success on Amazon.

For more tips on managing your Amazon business or to learn about our software solutions, check out our website or subscribe for daily insights. Let’s make 2024 a successful year together!

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