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Maximizing Profits with Multiple Inventory Strategies on Amazon

Welcome back! This is Tim from AMZ Fusion, and today—day eight of our series—I’m excited to dive deeper into optimizing your Amazon business through effective inventory management, specifically focusing on multiple (meltable) products. Understanding the nuances of selling these products can significantly enhance your profitability, especially if timed correctly.

The Seasonal Window for Selling Meltable Products

One crucial aspect of handling meltable products is recognizing the optimal time frames for inventory management. The meltable season on Amazon runs from October 15th to April 15th. During this period, Amazon permits the storage and fulfillment of meltable products via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which includes items that might degrade or alter in quality under typical environmental conditions.

Capitalizing on Early Season Opportunities

Entering the market at the start of the meltable season around October 15th can yield significant profits. Many sellers operate under Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) during the off-season when temperatures might cause products to melt during shipping, which generally keeps prices high. By transitioning to FBA right as the permissible period begins, you can capitalize on lower competition and higher demand, securing a competitive edge and potentially higher sales volumes.

Strategic Pricing and Inventory Clearance

As April 15th approaches, marking the end of the meltable season, it’s wise to begin adjusting your pricing strategy to ensure all your inventory sells through before the cutoff. We typically start to aggressively discount our products around mid-March. This proactive approach helps avoid any logistical headaches with Amazon’s handling of unsold meltable goods, which may be marked as unfulfillable post-season.

Navigating Amazon’s Policies on Meltable Products

Amazon’s specific guidelines state that meltable products are only accepted for FBA from October 16th to April 14th. Post-April 15th, such items are supposed to be marked unfulfillable. This policy necessitates careful planning regarding when to submit removal orders for unsold products to avoid them being stranded in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

However, it’s crucial to monitor how strictly these policies are enforced. Historically, some sellers have noticed that Amazon might not immediately enforce these rules strictly, allowing sales of meltable products to continue slightly past the official end date. This situation presents both an opportunity and a risk, as holding onto inventory too long can lead to losses if Amazon eventually enforces the cutoff.

Best Practices for Meltable Inventory Management

  1. Early Preparation: Aim to have your first batch of meltable inventory ready to send to Amazon by October 15th. This ensures your products are available as soon as the season begins, capturing early demand.
  2. Aggressive End-of-Season Sales: Start reducing prices by mid-March to clear out inventory. This not only secures sales but also prevents potential losses from unsold stock that must be removed or becomes unfulfillable.
  3. Stay Informed on Policy Enforcement: Keep a close eye on how Amazon is handling other sellers’ meltable products, especially as the season winds down. This can give you insights into whether you might have a little extra time to sell through your inventory or if you should accelerate clearance efforts.


Effectively managing meltable inventory on Amazon involves understanding the seasonal constraints, anticipating market demand, and strategically planning your entry and exit each season. By aligning your business practices with these temporal dynamics, you can maximize profits and minimize risks associated with meltable products. Remember, while there are significant opportunities for profit in the meltable category, it requires careful planning and timely action to truly reap the benefits. Software like Fusion Inventory Management or List and Ship make it SIMPLE!

For more insights and resources on managing your Amazon business, including a free course on selling on Amazon, visit our website at AMZ Fusion.com. Here’s to making the most out of your Amazon business!

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