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Top Tools for Amazon Inventory Tracking 2023

As an Amazon seller, effective inventory tracking is crucial for optimizing your FBA strategy and streamlining stock management. To help you stay on top of your inventory, forecast demand, and ensure efficient stock control, there are several powerful tools available in the market. In this article, we will explore the top tools for Amazon inventory tracking in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tools for Amazon inventory tracking are essential for successful FBA strategies.
  • Effective Amazon inventory tracking software helps monitor inventory levels and forecast demand.
  • Amazon inventory management tools automate tasks and ensure efficient stock control.
  • Choosing the right inventory tracker can streamline and optimize your Amazon selling process.
  • Top tools for Amazon inventory tracking in 2023 include Sellbrite, Orderhive, Sellics, Veeqo, and QuickBooks Commerce.

Sellbrite – A Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solution

Sellbrite is an easy-to-use inventory management tool designed to streamline the FBA business of Amazon sellers across multiple online sales channels. With Sellbrite, sellers can efficiently manage their inventory and fulfill orders from a single, intuitive interface.

Through Sellbrite, sellers have the ability to create and manage listings, control inventory, and ensure order fulfillment across popular sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Etsy, Sears, Rakuten, and Newegg. This multi-channel inventory management solution offers a centralized platform for sellers to monitor and control their stock across various online marketplaces.

With Sellbrite’s listing management feature, sellers can easily create and synchronize listings across different sales channels, ensuring accurate product information and avoiding overselling. The robust inventory control capabilities enable sellers to track stock levels, set automated reorder points, and prevent stockouts. This helps optimize inventory management and maximize sales potential.

Order fulfillment becomes effortless with Sellbrite’s order management feature. Sellers can seamlessly manage and process incoming orders from different sales channels in a single interface. This simplifies the order workflow, reduces manual effort, and improves overall efficiency.

Sellbrite’s multi-channel inventory management solution empowers Amazon sellers to sell across multiple platforms while maintaining control over their inventory. By utilizing Sellbrite’s comprehensive features, sellers can streamline operations, ensure efficient stock management, and deliver outstanding service to customers on various sales channels.

Orderhive – Simplifying Multichannel Inventory Management

Orderhive is a powerful multichannel inventory management software that simplifies the process of Amazon inventory tracking orders, controlling inventory, creating shipments, and managing purchases. With Orderhive, sellers can streamline their order management process and ensure efficient stock control across multiple sales channels.


  • Order Workflow Automation: Orderhive automates the order processing workflow, ensuring orders are efficiently managed from placement to fulfillment.
  • Amazon Inventory Tracking: By using Orderhive, sellers can track their inventory levels in real-time. This allows them to stay updated on stock availability and make informed business decisions.
  • Purchasing: Orderhive helps sellers manage their purchases by streamlining the procurement process. Sellers can easily create purchase orders and track supplier performance.

Orderhive offers a user-friendly interface that integrates with multiple sales channels, ensuring seamless inventory management across platforms. Whether sellers are selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or other marketplaces, Orderhive provides a centralized platform for managing inventory.

By using Orderhive, sellers can:

  1. Track orders across various sales channels
  2. Control inventory levels and avoid stockouts
  3. Streamline the fulfillment process
  4. Automate order workflows for more efficient operations
  5. Optimize purchasing and vendor management

Orderhive’s robust features and intuitive interface make it a valuable tool for sellers looking to streamline their multichannel inventory management process. With Orderhive, sellers can focus on growing their business while ensuring accurate stock control and efficient order fulfillment.

Benefits of Orderhive How it Helps Sellers
Efficient Order Management Orders are automatically processed, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
Real-Time Amazon Inventory Tracking Sellers can track inventory levels across multiple channels in real-time, avoiding stockouts and optimizing stock control.
Purchasing Optimization Orderhive streamlines the procurement process by allowing sellers to create purchase orders and track supplier performance.
Centralized Inventory Management Orderhive integrates with multiple sales channels, providing sellers with a single platform to manage inventory.
Efficient Order Fulfillment By automating order workflows, sellers can fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, improving customer satisfaction.
Improved Business Performance By optimizing inventory management, sellers can make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Sellics – Comprehensive Amazon Inventory Management Solution

Sellics is a comprehensive Amazon inventory management solution that caters to both Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers. It offers a range of powerful features to optimize inventory performance and drive sales on the Amazon platform.

With Sellics, sellers can take advantage of:

  1. PPC Manager: Optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns with the built-in PPC Manager. Monitor and adjust your ad spend, keyword bids, and performance to maximize your return on advertising investment.
  2. Ranking Optimization: Boost your product visibility and increase sales by optimizing your Amazon product listings. Sellics provides valuable insights and recommendations to improve your product’s search ranking and organic traffic.
  3. Competitor Monitoring: Stay ahead of the competition with Sellics’ competitor monitoring feature. Track your competitors’ pricing, product offerings, and promotions to make informed pricing and marketing decisions.
  4. Data Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your Amazon business with Sellics’ advanced data analytics tools. Track key performance metrics, monitor sales trends, and identify growth opportunities to make data-driven decisions.

Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers can take advantage of Sellics’ 14-day free trial to experience the benefits and features of the platform before making a commitment.

Sellics Features

Feature Description
PPC Manager Optimize Amazon advertising campaigns, monitor ad spend, and adjust keyword bids.
Ranking Optimization Improve product search ranking and organic traffic by optimizing product listings.
Competitor Monitoring Track competitors’ pricing, product offerings, and promotions to stay ahead of the competition.
Data Analytics Gain insights into sales trends, key performance metrics, and identify growth opportunities.

Veeqo – All-in-One Ecommerce Platform for Inventory Management

In the world of ecommerce, managing inventory efficiently is essential for success. That’s where Veeqo comes in. Veeqo is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that offers a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your backend operations.

With Veeqo, you can seamlessly integrate your sales channels and shipping carriers, allowing you to manage orders, ship products to customers, and sync inventory in real-time. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually updating stock levels across multiple platforms; Veeqo does it all for you.

One of the key features of Veeqo is its robust inventory organization capabilities. With Veeqo, you can easily categorize and tag your products, making it simple to locate items and keep your inventory well-organized. This efficient organization system saves you time and ensures accurate stock control.

Order management is another area where Veeqo shines. The platform offers powerful tools to streamline your order fulfillment process, allowing you to efficiently process, pack, and ship customer orders. With Veeqo, you can provide exceptional service and meet customer expectations.

But Veeqo doesn’t stop at inventory and order management. It also provides valuable ecommerce insights to help you make data-driven decisions. With detailed analytics and reporting features, you can gain deep insights into your sales performance, customer behavior, and more. This information empowers you to optimize your strategies and drive growth.

Why choose Veeqo?

  • Manage your entire backend operations in one platform
  • Integrate with sales channels and shipping carriers for seamless order and inventory management
  • Efficiently organize and categorize your inventory for easy access
  • Streamline your order fulfillment process for faster and more accurate shipping
  • Gain valuable ecommerce insights to drive informed decision-making

Experience the power of Veeqo and take your ecommerce business to the next level. Sign up for a free trial today.

Features Veeqo
All-in-One Platform
Inventory Organization
Order Management
Ecommerce Insights
Comparison of Veeqo Features

QuickBooks Commerce – Streamlined Inventory Management for Amazon Sellers

QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko) is a comprehensive inventory management software designed specifically for Amazon sellers. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, QuickBooks Commerce helps sellers streamline their inventory management process, optimize stock control, and ensure efficient order fulfillment.

Key Inventory Management Features

  • Track inventory levels and stock movements in real-time
  • Create purchase orders and manage suppliers
  • Automate stock replenishment with reorder points and low stock alerts
  • Sync inventory across multiple sales channels for accurate stock control
  • Generate insightful reports to gain valuable business insights

Efficient Order Fulfillment

With QuickBooks Commerce, sellers can streamline their order fulfillment process and ensure timely delivery to customers. The software integrates with various shipping carriers, allowing sellers to easily manage shipments, print labels, and track packages. Sellers can also set up automated workflows to optimize their order processing and reduce manual errors.

Access to Ecommerce Resources

QuickBooks Commerce provides Amazon sellers with access to a wealth of ecommerce resources to enhance their selling strategies. Sellers can access free eBooks, webinars, and guides covering various topics such as inventory management best practices, order fulfillment optimization, and growth strategies for online businesses.

Benefits of QuickBooks Commerce QuickBooks Commerce Features
Streamlined inventory management Real-time Amazon inventory tracking
Efficient order fulfillment process Integration with shipping carriers
Access to valuable ecommerce resources Free eBooks and webinars

Amazon Inventory Tracking Recap

Effective inventory management is essential for Amazon sellers looking to optimize their FBA strategies and streamline stock management. Utilizing the right Amazon inventory management tools can make all the difference.

By combining these tools with competitive repricing solutions like Fusion, sellers can stay ahead of the competition and ensure efficient stock control. Fusion helps sellers dynamically reprice their products based on market trends and competition, maximizing sales and profits.

With comprehensive Amazon inventory tracking and competitive repricing, Amazon sellers can improve their overall selling performance and achieve success on the platform. Sign up for a free trial of Fusion now and experience the benefits of effective Amazon inventory tracking.

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What are the top tools for Amazon inventory tracking in 2023?

The top tools for Amazon inventory tracking in 2023 are Sellbrite, Orderhive, Sellics, Veeqo, and QuickBooks Commerce.

What is Sellbrite?

Sellbrite is a multi-channel inventory management solution that allows Amazon sellers to manage their FBA business across multiple online sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Etsy, Sears, Rakuten, and Newegg.

What features does Sellbrite offer for inventory management?

Sellbrite offers features like listing management, inventory control, and order fulfillment to streamline operations and ensure efficient stock management across various sales channels.

What is Orderhive?

Orderhive is a powerful multichannel inventory management software that simplifies the process of tracking orders, controlling inventory, creating shipments, and managing purchases.

What features does Orderhive offer for inventory management?

Orderhive offers features like order workflow automation, Amazon inventory tracking, and purchasing to help sellers automate and streamline their order management process.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is a comprehensive Amazon inventory management solution for both Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers.

What features does Sellics offer for inventory management?

Sellics provides features such as a PPC manager, ranking optimization, competitor monitoring, and data analytics to help sellers optimize their inventory performance.

What is Veeqo?

Veeqo is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that helps sellers manage their entire backend.

What features does Veeqo offer for inventory management?

Veeqo offers features like inventory organization, order management, and ecommerce insights to help sellers streamline their operations and gain valuable insights into their ecommerce business.

What is QuickBooks Commerce?

QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko) is an inventory management software that offers reporting, order fulfillment, and inventory management features for Amazon sellers.

What features does QuickBooks Commerce offer for inventory management?

QuickBooks Commerce offers features like reporting, order fulfillment, and inventory management to help sellers optimize their stock control and order fulfillment process.

How do Amazon inventory management tools help sellers?

Amazon inventory management tools play a crucial role in optimizing FBA strategies and streamlining stock management for sellers. These tools help monitor inventory levels, forecast demand, automate tasks, and ensure efficient stock control.

How can Fusion complement inventory tracking?

Fusion is a competitive repricing solution that, when used in conjunction with Amazon inventory management tools, helps sellers stay on top of their inventory and ensure efficient stock control.

Are there any free trials or resources available for these inventory management tools?

Yes, many of these inventory management tools like Sellics and QuickBooks Commerce offer free trials to allow sellers to experience their benefits before committing. Additionally, QuickBooks Commerce provides free resources like eBooks and webinars to improve selling strategies on Amazon.

How can I sign up for a free trial of Fusion?

You can sign up for a 60 day guarantee of Fusion now and experience the benefits of effective inventory tracking.

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