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AMZ Fusion

Efficiently Scan Unlimited Amazon Wholesale Files to Save Time and Money.

scan unlimited amazon wholesale files and save money


  • Starting as an Amazon wholesale seller can feel difficult. Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon can be very time consuming make your head spin. Staring at excel sheets and Amazon listing pages is daunting. Amazon wholesale is difficult to get up and running but has long lasting benefits. With Amazon wholesale, you find great restockable products that you may sell for years. The hard work up front is the key.
  • If you the ultimate wholesale tool and the ability to scan unlimited amounts of Amazon wholesale sheets, we have the tool for you. Read below and see how software can save you lots of time and money on your Amazon wholesale journey.

AMZ Fusion’s Analyzer

  • Fusion Analyzer is not just a Amazon scanner tool like the competition. Its a new class of Amazon scanner. In fact, we originally were going to call it Fusion Scanner but quickly realized there is so much more there than products like Scan Unlimited.
  • Fusion Analyzer processes tens of thousands of datapoints and through Fusion’s proprietary algorithm, it will determine based on your purchasing criteria if this product is a good product for you to sell.
  • We are the only Amazon wholesale scanner that does actual analysis of listing based on your specific purchasing criteria and historical data to tailor the perfect products for you.

How Fusion Analyzer Works

  • When you sign up for Fusion Analyzer (or the Chrome Extension) you will answer a survey so we can understand how you purchase. We take into account your specific criteria to tailor your results specifically to you.
  • Our Amazon scanner will then take your wholesale vendor list and find all the matching listings on Amazon and calculate not only current profitability calculations but also historical to make sure you are making smart, data driven decisions.
  • You can then look over the results to find the right products for you. Our proprietary confidence score will let you know how confident we are that the product will not only make you money now, but also in the future!

Benefits of Using Fusion Analyzer

  • Fusion Analyzer allows you to unlimited amounts of vendor files each month.
  • Fusion Analyzer will save you HUNDREDS of hours of work each month as it trims thousands of results to the ones that really matter.
  • Historical data is so important and is information the competition doesn’t give you
  • Know which products should be in low price FBA.
  • Note the meltable and products sizes which you may want to avoid.
  • Our buy list is fully integrated with our other software making purchase orders and Amazon inventory management a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Fusion Analzyer better than Scan Unlimited?

  • Fusion Analyzer simply works better. It brings together historical data that Scan Unlimited does not for every listing to make sure you are making the best purchasing decisions.
  • Fusion Analyzer has a proprietary algorithm to build a confidence score giving you the confidence you need to make smart decisions.
  • Error handling is superior finding products with possible quantity errors in the listing to help you prevent mistakes.
  • We identify products you may already be selling to prevent you from wasting time reanalyzing products

What are drawbacks compared to competitors?

  • Fusion Analyzer is a little bit slower than the rest. We process 3 times the data and perform complex calculations where as the competition simply hands you the data to interpret yourself.
  • Fusion Analyzer is a bit more expensive than the competition due to the costs to gather and process 3 times the amount of data.

How to Get Started with Fusion Analyzer

  • If you are ready to get started by signing up for a free account with Just Add Fusion.
  • Sign up for Fusion Analyzer and simply connect your Amazon seller account.
  • Get your Amazon wholesale lists ready and analyze unlimited files each month.

Pricing and Subscription Options

  • Fusion Analyzer is currently $75 per month or $750 for the year (2 months FREE when you sign up with the yearly plan)
  • Fusion Analyzer offers a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can get a full refund.


  • When you want to save time and money, an Amazon wholesale tool is the key to success. When you are getting into Amazon Wholesale, use technology to your benefit and get through the wholesale lists quick. Fusion Analyzer will scan thousands of products and eliminate the nonprofitable ones in a short amount of time saving you hundreds of hours of tedious, eye straining work. Even if you use a Virtual Assistant, you will save tons of money on labor.

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